The healthy drink for the whole family

Made with Love & Passion from Australia

Are you too busy to even detox? Won't you think it is better to detox with natural ingredients rather than any other detox solution?

We all want a healthier version of ourselves but don't want to waste extra 30 mins daily to prepare a nutritious juice.

You are looking for a faster & better solution to speed up your healthy diet preparation due to your busy schedule.

When you go to the mall, you found almost 98% of the juices in the market are added with extra sugar and preservatives. It does not meet your condition of being healthy.

Mountain Fresh's Fruit Juice is the ideal solution for people like you!

There is nothing else added to it. Just pure fruit juice.

All the fruits that go into the bottles are picked fresh from the orchard and cold-pressed into the bottles, maintaining its nutritional goodness.

The healthy juice alternative makes your mornings easier and on-the-go lifestyle more fun.

Natural is the best remedy

Make your healthy lifestyle effortlessly


Essential nutrients preserved

Mountain Fresh Juice is crafted using the most delicate cold-press technology to preserve the nutrients and freshness of the juice.

So that you can get the health benefits from REAL fruit juice.

No more wasting time at the kitchen.

You can drink this juice every day to boost your nutrients withou any hassle!


Sold in more than 11 countries

All of our fruits are from Australia for their superior quality and flavours.

Unlike other juices in the market with reconstituted materials like added sugars, flavouring, colouring preservatives or even added water.

Our juices are made from selected premium fruits only.

100% Pure Fruit Juices that you can trust.


Open & drink instantly

All Mountain Fresh juices are ready-to-drink and ready-to-serve.

Best suited for an outing, a party or serving in your restaurant!

There is no need to add water.

Just open and drink it anytime and any where you want.

Choose any size that meets your needs!