Our story

It all started here, a small town. 

With a one-hour drive to the small town of Mount Compass from Adelaide, the capital of South Australia, you'll find picturesque and fertile countryside. 

This is where the Stadler family owned and operated Mountain Fresh Fruit Juice Factory. They have been committed to producing 0% chemical additives-no preservatives, stability Agents, artificial colours, and sugar for over a half-century.

Mountain Fresh has long been more than just juice for the Stadler family. It is also the persistence and protection of the fruit source to defend its natural purity. The family insists on the farm-to-bottle principle, which is very rare, as it involves a high cost of producing premium fruit juice.

In the early 1950s, Rudi Stadler and his parents moved from a small town in southern Germany to Adelaide, South Australia. They had been engaged in fruit juice manufacturing in Germany. When they arrived in Australia, they started to produce fruit juice from the fruit farmers in Riverland. After more than 20 years of hard work, the Stadler family finally bought their land in the beautiful Mount Compass of Adelaide, began their rural and idyllic life, and re-produced the cup of sweet apple juice from the homeland in their memory.

Initially, Stadler's apple juice was only self-sufficient, but as the neighbours shared their apple juice, they became famous, and many people wanted to buy it. To fulfil the orders, Rudi and his parents bought a small wooden house in the centre of the small town of Mount Compass, provided residents and tourists with their apple juice, and founded the brand Mountain Fresh.



With just word of mouth alone, more than 20 small shops in the entire Adelaide mountain area began to sell Stadler's 2L apple juice in a single time. Local residents call it the Mountain Fresh jug. Although you will not get drunk, you will be addicted to its flavour and rich taste. 

Because it is super delicious, tourists from other cities hope to buy Mountain Fresh apple juice in a smaller package to bring it back to their families to taste. Thus, the 400ml green glass bottle packaging came into the picture. Every day, they are shipped to all large and small cities in Australia, and Mountain Fresh is therefore known and loved by all Australian residents.

Mountain Fresh has its presence in 11 countries, including Hong Kong and China, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, India, Maldives, Japan, and Vietnam. Mountain Fresh also won the Best Imported Juice Award at the San Francisco Fancy Food Show in the United States.

"Respect for nature and life" is the creed that Mountain Fresh has pursued since its inception. Any unnatural chemical preparations that are detrimental to health, such as preservatives, stabilizers, colours and sugars, are unconditionally rejected.

To achieve the purpose of long-term preservation without adding preservatives, Mountain Fresh adopts the world's highest-level pasteurization technology so that the sterilized juice will not produce any bitter taste, and the vitamins in the fruit itself will not be affected.  

In addition to the stringent requirements for fruit freshness, naturalness and safety, Mountain Fresh has thought very thoroughly about the packaging of the juice. After the school canteens no longer allowed students to bring drinks in glass bottles for safety reasons, Mountain Fresh launched a 300ml PET package line. Unlike ordinary plastic bottle packaging, Mountain Fresh chooses the highest quality PET bottle, which is almost as expensive as glass bottles and has a three-layer thickness to ensure two-year shelf life.

Rudi, the second-generation descendant of Mountain Fresh, is now 87 years old, but he still insists on arriving at the factory at 5:30 am every day to start work. He does everything by himself, whether he is working at his desk in the office or driving a forklift to move fruits. Under his influence, the third and fourth generations of the family work diligently. No matter how wealthy the family is, their lives are always simple. Therefore, you will not see luxuriously decorated conference halls in their factory, but everything is practical. All investments are spent on the world's top equipment to produce the juices we can now get.

In 2011, Japanese wholesalers asked Mountain Fresh to supply more juice during the Japanese tsunami. After detecting radioactive substances in the water supplies, the locals looted the bottled waters in the supermarket. Rudi immediately shipped 5 containers of juice to Japan but insisted not to charge a penny, although they had only known these Japanese wholesalers for 3 months. In the Stadler family's beliefs, greed is shameful. Only purity and peace of mind and life are bliss. 

Rudi's biggest hobby is to walk his cattle in his manor every Sunday morning to make his mind feel calm, laid back and relaxed. Even though he owns a proud business, he never forgets to thank nature. This respect and love for nature and life allow Mountain Fresh to build a clear state of mind for everyone.